Starburst Slots Cheats

Starburst slots cheats are the pointers to remember to increase your win chance in Starburst slots. Starburst slots casino game is now so popular people have already formulated cheats to find out how they can increase their coins in this game. Since Starburst is an online slot, a random number generator runs its reels and finding a way to manipulate it is nearly impossible. However, there are cheats out there that do not involve the reels or even the spins of the game and these will help you with your Starburst slots strategy.

Variations of Starburst slots cheats

Starburst slots cheats out there might confuse you, as there are different cheats that contradict one another. There are two variations, however, that are common to online slot players. Some sites will tell you that the cheats include placing your initial bet in the maximum level, bet bigger when you start getting wins, and cash out when your winnings reach the 2,000 mark.

Others would tell you that effective Starburst slots cheats include betting on the lowest level on your first wager and once you gain a winning momentum then that is the perfect time to increase gradually your bet. While both theories let you bet bigger when you find yourself in a winning streak, the first theory requires you to play Starburst slots all out by placing your initial wager in the maximum level, while the second one wants you to play safe by betting on the lowest level.

Play the free game version

How can you know which of the above cheats work? There is a cheat for that, and it is to test both theories by playing the free game version of Starburst. You can check both cheats to see which of the two will give you more winnings and fewer losses. Not only is this a cheat to see which of the cheats work, but also a cheat that allows you to see how the game works and to assess your skills as an online slot player. With this cheat, you hit two birds with one stone.

Check the pay table

When you check the free game version in any Starburst slots casino, make sure to click the pay table that gives out important info about the game. This is one of the most helpful Starburst slots cheats, as it gives you an insight on the mechanics of the game.

The Starburst slots game is so popular among online slot players that everyone wants to know how to get the big wins in this game. These Starburst slots cheats will help you do just that, making every spin in this online slot fun and potentially rewarding. Backed with preparation and luck, your experience with Starburst slots will be a good one.