Starburst Slots Paylines

Some people still think they know how to win Starburst slots. But the fact is luck has most to do with winning. Fair online casinos rely on random number generators. Whether you win or lose on a spin comes down to probability, regardless of the Starburst slots paylines you play with. Slots also don’t have memory. Every spin will be different and doesn’t follow a pattern.

So don’t listen to anyone who can “guarantee a winning strategy.” If someone figured out how to win against the slots, casinos wouldn’t be in business for long. Stop yourself from thinking, “The slot’s due to pay out now! I’ve lost x amount of times already.” Instead, focus on things you can control, like how many Starburst slots paylines you can play with. This only applies if the slot machine’s paylines are not fixed.

If you’ve never thought of the importance of paylines, keep reading. What you’ll find out may surprise you, but that’s part of how you can set up your best chances of winning. When you get the hang of using Starburst slots paylines, your next win might be a few spins away.

Starburst slots paylines

Before you can play Starburst slots, you need to make your bet first. The great thing about Starburst is you can bet as low or as high as you want. The smallest you can bet is 0.01 coins and the largest is 1 coin.

If you’re the type that likes to bet a little higher, change the “level” of your bet. There are 10 levels, each with a different value. If you bet 0.01 coins at level 10, you’d be betting on €1 per spin. If you’re a huge high roller, you can go up to 1 coin at level 10. That’s €100 per spin. Whatever your bankroll is, there’s a bet just perfect for you.

A better way to boost your win advantage is by looking at Starburst Slots paylines. You also know these as the winning lines. If symbols lined up in the correct order, you would win your bet. Anytime you want, you can check how much your pay line will win at the pay table.

Before, the only way you could win was horizontal. Today, things are different. You can find winning Starburst slots paylines in different forms. You’ll find zigzags, trapezoids and more. Always remember no matter what direction the reels spin, the pay line has to have the same number of icons. If you’re playing with a 5 reel slot, your pay line will have 5 symbols.

Knowing how many paylines to pick can make a difference. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a win at a Starburst slots casino because it wasn’t on an active pay line, right?

Activate more Starburst slots paylines

If the slot doesn’t have fixed paylines, choose as many as you can afford. For indecisive players, there’s a way to play a few games for free. Look for a casino that offers a Starburst slots free spins bonus. Then you’ll be able to play with as many Starburst slots paylines as you want. Since it’s free, you can stop worrying about your bankroll and start getting more wins.

When your free spins run out, there are different ways to pick your paylines. One example is keeping your paylines around 5 if you’re just playing for fun. Playing with all the active paylines is a great strategy too. It allows you to get ready for that huge jackpot win all the time.

However, no one really knows how long it’ll take before you get a win. If you don’t have a large bankroll, it’s best to choose your Starburst slots to paylines carefully.