How To Win Starburst Slots

A lot of online bettors have enjoyed the arcade-like action of Starburst slots. This NetEnt game has attracted many players because of its 80s charm and money-spinning feature. Despite having only one bonus feature, there have been a few people who took home big wins from a Starburst slots casino, apart from getting Starburst slots no deposit bonuses. The key to do this is to know the bonus and how to stay in the game until you figure out how to win Starburst slots and actually win the prize.

Know how to win Starburst slots through its features

Although there is no sure-fire winning Starburst slots strategy, you can still have a fat chance at the game’s big prizes. Meanwhile, know that Starburst comes with the basic wild symbol, which is depicted by a multi-colored star. These symbols only show on the second, third, and fourth reels. With the presence of wilds, you have a bigger winning chance as the 5×3 grid pays both sides of the Starburst slots reels. This can give players more chances to win than playing traditional slots.

There is also the jackpot prize of 50,000 coins which is also the maximum payout of the slot. Getting it requires you, though, to bet the maximum amount and match five of the bar symbols which are the highest-valued symbol of the game.

How to win Starburst slots with wilds

Knowing how to win Starburst slots is like knowing the single bonus feature of the game which is the expanding wild. This feature activates if a wild symbol appears on any of the three middle reels. During this bonus, the entire reel is replaced with three wild symbols. The reel spins again while the wild symbols stays in place. If you to make another wild symbol land on any of the other two reels after the re-spin, you get another free re-spin. You can get another re-spin if you luckily get a wild symbol on another reel. The expanding wild feature provides a large opportunity for players on how to win prizes of astronomical proportions, especially that the slot has Starburst slots pay lines that pays in both ways.

Play on to know how to win Starburst slots

Getting the elusive three-reeled expanding wild bonus requires you to keep playing until you get wild symbols. The key to doing this is to bet per spin about five to 10% of the total amount of chips a player is willing to spend. The amount should be small enough to give them a sufficient number of spins. Players should consider increasing the bet amount when they get a big win or they are able to double the total amount of chips they have before playing the game.

There are many players who are able to take home a large payout from Starburst because they know how to bet wisely and use techniques on how to win Starburst slots. Try playing this game now, take advantage of the Starburst slots free spins, and you might just win the Starburst slots jackpots.