Starburst Slots Game

Starburst slots game has gained a very large cult following because of its bonus feature. Many flock toward Starburst slots casino in order to strike it rich. But only a few of them are able to succeed.

In order to get a big win in Starburst slots, you need to be familiar with the features of the game. You also need to bet the right amount per spin in order to increase the chance of getting the large payout.

Goal of Starburst slots game

Starburst slots game has three important features you ought to take note of. These are the “win both ways”, jackpot and expanding wild features. “Win both ways” is a feature which allows you to create a match from both the right and left side of the slot. This means you can actually land winning combinations you might have missed from the right side. The feature can be considered as a dual pay line since players can win twice the amount of a five symbol match.

Another feature to consider when you play Starburst slots is the jackpot prize or the largest payout you can possibly get. However, you can get this only by betting the maximum amount and matching the bar symbols. The bar is the game’s highest-valued symbol.

Finally, the main goal to aim for in the game is the expanding wilds. In the Starburst slots game, the wild symbols appear on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. When you land a wild symbol on any of the three middle reels, you activate the expanding wilds mode. During this mode, the reel where the wild appears turns the rest of the symbols into a wild symbol. On top of this, you get a re-spin for free while the wild symbols stay in place. You can also gain more Starburst slots free spins feature if you trigger another wild symbol during the “expanding wilds” mode.

Starbursts slots game strategy

The key to taking advantage of the “win both ways” and “expanding wilds” features of the Starburst slots game is spin the reels numerous times instead of betting more. One way of doing this is to bet about 4% to 7% of your bankroll for every spin. This amount should give you enough spins to activate the expanding wilds. It should also be large enough for you to enjoy the large payouts you can possibly win.

Anyone can get the most out of Starburst slots by knowing the right amount to bet for every spin.